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On Friday, 9/16/11, one of my best friends came to my house and picked me up.
We had no plans to go anywhere in particular because we don’t usually roam without our circle of friends. We really do have a large group of friends.

So, we headed to Putalisadak, the rendez-vous point, to our regular tea shop. But, on the way, all of a sudden my friend said lets go to Tare Bhir. And, just like that we rode to Tare Bhir, located inside the Shiva Puri National Park, Kathmandu. It’s about one hour drive from the City. There was an army check-point, which we had to cross, while entering the Park area.

I felt like we were driving on top of the City, as Kathmandu was looking deeper and deeper down. My nostrils were so happy to breathe rich air, full of natural aroma. It was so peaceful and I felt like I’m about to relax in heaven for a while. Nonetheless, we were missing our friends because it would have been more fun with our whole group. I had to shoot some pictures so I took out my gears from my backpack. To my horror, when I opened my camera I saw it blipping because there was no memory card inside. Then I recalled that I hadn’t taken it out from my laptop. At that moment, I was totally pissed off but thank god I always carried an extra memory on my fast pack. On our way, I started shooting randomly as I wasn’t clear enough on what exactly I was looking for. I was not at all satisfied although it was mid evening, almost 5:00 pm and the sun was producing great lights.

sunset over kathmandu

way to tare bhir

view from nagi gumba

However, we were not able to reach the Tare Bhir as we had to trek and climb a Hill and it was already too late for that. Hill top is an interesting place for camping. We rather headed to the Gumba (Monastery) side. Thereby, we reached a fine Buddhist Gumba and met a Monk, who lived there. I was surprised because I was looking for some good sunset pictures but instead I ended up shooting some ‘Portraiture’, which I found more interesting. Yet, I shot some landscapes too.

Inside the Gumba, the Monks were engaged into their regular prayers and the light was too dim, only few windows were open. Besides, not getting the right light and shadow I did manage to shoot few pictures of the Monks. They allowed me to take the shot and I was thankful to them and also received kind blessings from them.

inner and outer peace

busy monk on puja

Meanwhile, my friend was waiting outside and strolling around. I came out and joined him. We sat right in front of the marvelous view point and talked about the splendid beauty. Right at that moment one Monk and his dog came near us and I started clicking my lens. I was talking with my friend that if the Monk could come and stand at the view point with his dog then it would be just awesome. Because, sun light was producing amazing willowish color in the sky and the back ground clouds were really moody. I don’t know about this, replied my friend. I think Lord Buddha was listening to me and he allowed the Monk to stand at the same place where I was wishing him to be. I then asked his dog name whichit was Kai, who also made our trip a memorable one.

the monk and his dog kai

the monk and his dog kai

the monk and his dog kai

I shot all these pictures from my 18-105 lens and Nikon D90. Although I didn’t use additional filters yet I am satisfied with this. I adjusted the brightness and temperature later using lightroom.

Tare Bhir, is not so far from Kathmandu city but still very few visitors come to this place. Our trip was not planned, yet I was quite satisfied with it. This place can be a really good destination for camping to witness magnificent sunset and sunrise. Stunning view with moody clouds and a nice view of the city are definitely enjoyable. While, I rode there it felt like I was really very far from the city but technically it is not the case. As for me taking picture is my only job, the only passion which I am still trying to improve. I think it is really hard to express oneself, about how one feels  in front persons or places. However, I chose to express myself via photography and I try to write few words about it. I may not be an excellent blogger but I am trying the best I can. Downtown in the city, our friends were waiting for us to join them. Moreover, it was the weekend and we were going to have a party that night. Finally, at about 7pm we headed the road back to reach the city as soon as possible.

Three month later, we again came back to Tare Bhir and this time with all our friends. More fun, with more friends, isn’t it?!

my friends

Thank you for your stay.


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