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After visiting my friend’s newly builded house at Bhasipati, we rode little further away from his home. Sameer told me that his father had visited a traditional oil mill, in which the atmosphere was really awesome because of the light coming from rooftop. Since it was a sunny day, I thought it was the perfect day to make a photo feature there and therefore asked him to take me to the place. I talked to the owner explaining my project and he allowed me to shoot. Big thanks to him. That day, some women were there for grinding paddies and workers were busy with their own task.

These are the documentary images captured by my eyes …

working on her paddies

store area

stored oils

worker working

atmosphere inside the mill

atmosphere inside the mill

atmosphere inside the mill

storing some paddies

front door

exit door

Thank you for your stay.
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Posted on March 22, 2013   »   by Lensman

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