A fine art photographer from nepal

About a dream …

The dream emerged from my wish to capture the journey of life with its glorious and unique moments and my endless passion for fine art photography.
Mother Nature with its moody clouds, inspiring mountains, vibrant waterfalls, foggy atmosphere, woodland and the wonderful features of my native people belong to my main interests.
While shooting pictures I try to give a special attention to my thoughts. I intend indeed to display my vision, not only what I see from my viewfinder. I want my pictures to invite my viewers to feel that particular moment in time by creating a visual show. ~ Amit Jung KC

About the artist…

Amit Jung KC is a self-taught freelance fine art photographer born in Dharan, in eastern Nepal.

After completing his high school, he joined engineering college, following the wish of his parents, but later on realized that his innate and staunching interest in photography was stronger than anything and wouldn’t let him at peace unless he would devote himself completely to it. So, he decided to drop engineering, to the great displeasure of his family, to join Journalism school in order to grab a camera and shoot pictures. He graduated with success in Photo Journalism and Sociology. He worked then few years for press magazine, but didn’t find that creative essence and freedom he was looking for.

Currently he is chasing his dream. Whenever possible, he finds extreme pleasure in visiting his motherland. Nepal is indeed a serene country not only blessed by the birth of Lord Gautama Buddha but which can also be proud to host the highest peak of the world, Mt. Everest, which stands tall ! Engrossed by the beauty and diversity of Nepal’s wilderness, he is gradually capturing fine vistas with the dream to be able one day to exhibit his art in galleries.