A fine art photographer from nepal


  • spiderfellow10thnominee

    Black and White Spider Award Nominee, 2015

  • A

    Amateur Photographers Magazine Release, UK, 2015

    His Fine Art Landscape work got featured in Amateur Photographer Magazine in October 3rd’s issue.  The magazine is one of the oldest photography magazine. (Since 1884)

  • IPA

    Honorable Mentions in IPA, 2015

    He received Seven Honorable Mentions in IPA  (International Photography Awards, New York)

  • 1

    Gold award in PX3, France 2015.

    Gold award in PX3, annual contest, France for« Wisdom of Age ». He received also two honorable mentions.

  • 2

    Phototec Magazine release, France 2015

    His portraiture work got featured in Phototec Magazine, France, issue n°38, under the title « Faces of Nepal : the portraiture art in black and white. »

  • 3

    Landscape photography magazine, 2015

    His fine art landscape work got featured in “Landscape photography magazine” USA, issue n°51.